How does the Royal Spoils work?.

Purchasing the Royal Spoils works is exactly the same as when you are purchasing Gems with real currency. After you purchased the Royal Spoils, you will receive 200 Gems immediately and will have the rights to claim 70 Gems every day for 30 days. The total amount of Gems you will receive is 200+70*30=2300. Please be aware that no extra bonus items / cards will be obtained when purchasing this special offer. Royal Spoils only grant the Gems that are advertised within its panel.

The Royal Spoils can be used for 30 days, starting from the day you purchased the Royal Spoils. (Note: The Royal Spoils is not associated with the real-world calendar month.)

You cannot claim the Gems on the days you did not login. The Gems from that day will not be kept for you to claim later.

Each player can only purchase the Royal Spoils for a maximum period of two month at once (You cannot purchase it multiple times even if you change your server). The purchase button will be disabled after you purchased the Royal Spoils twice. The purchase button will be turned back on for you to purchase the Royal Spoils again 3 days before your current Royal Spoils expires. This means that you can have a max of 63 accumulated days for your Royal Spoils.

Current price for the Royal Spoils is set at $2.99.

Players who have purchased the Royal Spoils can tap on the button on the Home Page to claim the free Gems when they log in every day.

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