Beginners’ Guide: Dragons.

What you’ll find in this article:

  • General information
  • Leveling up your dragon
  • Dragon armor
  • Marching

You will start with a great dragon. The more you play and advance in the game, the more dragons you will be able to unlock and add to your army. Keep them upgraded with good gear and improve their skills, and they will aid you in your battles.

Leveling up your dragon

You can increase the level of your dragon with food. Use arena medals, or farm savannas for mutton and beef.

Once you reach level 20, you will need essence to unlock levels 21-29.

Dragon Armor

Defeat the level 10 Anthropus Warlord in your campaign map to recover armor for your dragon.

You can find dragon armor chests in the shop.


Only fully equipped level 8+ dragons can march with your troops. Dragons are powerful allies in battle, and will add a lot of strength to your attack. However, they will take damage from a battle and will return to their keep to heal after a fight. While a dragon is healing, it will be unavailable for other fights as well as exploration.

You can speedup the process with items, or research Dragon Lore. Each level increases the healing rate of your dragons.

Take care of your dragons and troops, and good luck in your battles!

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