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Stamina is required to fully participate in single player dungeons. If you do not have enough Stamina you will not receive items or experience from these dungeons. You will receive 100 Stamina daily at 5:00 AM (Server Time); however the Stamina limit is 200. To restore Stamina quickly, you may visit the Altar of Ennoblement.

Altar of Ennoblement:

At the Altar of Ennoblement, players may rest and pray to the Divine Statues to restore their Stamina in a process known as "Cultivating." There are nine rooms in the Altar of Ennoblement window: Dawn Forest, Eye of the Divine, Goddess of Light, Prayer Grounds, Ragnarok, Fearless Warrior, Titan's Strength, Altar of Longing, and Light of Wisdom respectively from left to right.

60 Stamina points can be restored through Cultivating. For every two minutes spent cultivating, you will receive one Stamina point. Cultivation will stop automatically once the Cultivation countdown ends or if the number of obtainable Stamina points reaches zero. If Cultivation is interrupted, Cultivation time and points will be saved for future visits. You may speed up the process by using Balens or the Spirit Covenant. The Altar will reset each day.

If you reach 200 stamina, continued Cultivation will consume your obtainable Stamina, but your stamina will not increase above 200.