Unassigned Knights.

Each Position will charge an amount of Gold per hour, based on the Level of the Knight assigned. Make sure that your Gold production is high enough to pay each Knight. If your Gold reaches 0, and you are unable to pay their salaries, Knights will become unassigned automatically.

If your Knights have gone unassigned it is most likely because you do not have the Gold required to pay their Salary. This can happen after you're attacked by an enemy and your Gold is looted.

How to increase your Gold
The following options will help you increase your Gold fast:

  • Gold Boosts like the Day of Prosperity and Week of Prosperity.

  • Raising your Tax Rate will increase your Gold per hour, but it will reduce the amount of people in your City. Take into consideration that once positive conditions are met, Population returns slowly.

  • Gold can be instantly added with some special game items, such as 40k, 250k, 500k Gold.

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