Troops: Tier 6 and 7 Advanced Units.

You may find helpful to recognize the different Tiers of Troops in an incoming attack. This will help you build a defense strategy.

Each Troop has its own Type and Tier. The four different Types are: Supply, Mounted, Foot, and Ranged.

Each Type has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Supply Troops do not attack and are used to move Resources.

The higher the Tier, the higher the Attack, Life and Speed. Higher Tier Troops also have higher upkeep and account for more Might.

Advanced Units are available in your Barracks, under "Train Troops" > "Advanced Units". This tab will be unlocked after you Elevate your Barracks to Level *1.

Tier 4:

Mounted: War Wagons

Ranged: Fire Ballista

Foot: Siege Towers

Supply: Supply Caravan

Tier 5:

Mounted: Scythe Carts

Ranged: Fire Catapults

Foot: Testudos

Supply: Supply Convoys

In order to view your Tier 4 (72 Might) and Tier 5 (144 Might) Troops, etc. Tap on your Rally Point and select "My Troops".

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