Transport: Marching your Troops and saving Reports.

You can distribute Resources between your Cities, and send Resources to Members of your Alliance. Once the Transport arrives, you will receive a Report in your Mailbox. We recommend that you take a screenshot or save the report number, if you transport high amounts of Resources from one City to another, should you ever need to contact Support.

To start a Transport, you can send a March from your Rally Point, or tap on the allied City in your World Map.

To send Resources using your World Map View:
Tap on the City of destination, select “March”, and choose “Transport”.

Make sure that you select enough Troops for the amount of Resources you wish to transport, as this will influence the Transport limit. Once you have selected your Troops and Resources, tap on “Transport” to start the march.

To send a March from your Rally Point:
Tap on your Rally Point > Tap on "March Troops" at the bottom of the screen.

Enter the coordinates of the City of destination > Tap on Transport > Select the Troops that will carry the Resources, and the amount of Resources. Tap on “Transport”. You can check the Transport in your Rally Point, and apply a Speedup if needed.

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