Issues with Increased Food Upkeep.

You may log in one day and realize that your food production is stuck at zero.

Once you tap on the Resource bar at the top of the screen, you will notice that you have a negative Food production. This means that your Base production is not enough to cover the needs of your Population.

To remedy this, you will need to build new Farms, or upgrade the existing ones, to produce more Food. You may want to use Boost Items to help your production.

You can also purchase Food in the Shop and add it to your City to replenish your resources before training troops.

Remember that Troops won't desert if you run out of Food, except on Hardcore Servers.

Why do I have a negative Food production?

There are a few hard-to-notice details that can account for increased Food upkeep:

  • Your Troops have increased in number
  • Troops encamped in Wilds must still be fed from their origin city.
  • Active Reinforcements in your City will consume your food.

To see if there are Reinforcements in your City, tap on your Embassy.

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