About Skirmish.


  1. You can sign up in the Event interface. You cannot cancel once you have signed up. The first match every day is free. Signing up for each subsequent match will cost an amount of Skirmish Shells.
  2. You can sign up until 5 minutes before a match begins.

Tip: There are several matches every day. Event time is in UTC. 


The Battle

  1. Once the battle begins, you will enter the battlefield with a masked identity. You will start with the following: Wall Health based on your Castle level; the same troops you have in your Fortress when the battle begins (capped at 200K per type).
  2. This is a free-for-all game where everyone fights on their own against players from different realms.
  3. You can win points in various ways:

-Survival: Get a small amount of points based on your survival time

-Kill: Get a big amount of points based on how many enemies you have killed

-Attack Cities: Get a fixed amount of points for every victorious attack

  1. All fallen troops will be marked as Injured until your Healing Pool reaches its full capacity (Healing Pool capacity is the same as that of your normal Healing Pool). Healing the injured here doesn’t cost resources but takes the same amount of time as it normally would.
  2. This battlefield is a standalone instance that is separated from your City. Troop casualties here will not affect the troops in your City.


Ending the Battle

The battle will end for you and your points will be calculated when one of the following conditions is met:

  1. Time’s up
  2. Wall Health falls to zero
  3. You quit



  1. Participation Reward: Pass a key score in one match to get this reward. This reward is available every match.
  2. Ranking Reward: A high-score leaderboard will be made, and you will win rewards based on your final ranking.

Tip: Rewards will be sent to your inventory, and you will get a notification via mail, so keep an eye out!


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