Missing Server.

In this event often times clearing the game cache or reinstalling the game would fix the error. Before uninstalling the game: Make sure that your account is connected to DECA and note down your DECA-ID and your password, so that you will be able to restore your game progress.

1) Delete the cache of the app (Andriod Only)

- Go into settings on your device.
- Open the "Installed Apps" menu.
- Click on the app.
- Tap "Delete Cache"

2) If that did not solve the issue (or if you own an iOS device) please try the following steps:

- Uninstall the game
- Restart your device and connect to a stable internet connection. Please note that mobile internet sometimes is not reliable enough so if possible please use WIFI.
- If possible update your operating system.
- Install the game via official Apple App Store or Google Play.


If after that you are unable to see or a server is missing from your server list please send our support a message via the game containing the following information:

1. Your User ID + World ID
2. The exact server number(s) missing
3. A screenshot which shows your current server list with the server not in it.
4. The date you noticed this missing.

We're here to assist you! Submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.