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Auction FAQ Follow


1. You can make Gem bids 5 times per card per day. Note: the gems you bid will not be returned.


2. At the end of an auction, the player who has the lowest bid which isn't duplicated by any other bids will win the card.
Example: Player A and B bid 100 Gems; C bid 400; D bid 600; E bid 800.
Result: 100 is the lowest is bid, but it is duplicated by A and B. C has the lowest unique bid, so C will win the card.


3. If all bids occur more than once, each player with the highest bid will receive a card.
Example: Player A and B bid 100 Gems; C, D, and E bid 400.
Result: Since all prices are not unique, and 400 is the highest bid, each of C, D, and E will win a card.


4. The aim of the game is to try an achieve the lowest bid without having another player bid the same amount.


1. Auction is a cross-server feature. You will be competing against players across the game.
2. You can view previous results in the history (it is empty until the first session is over).
3. A mail with the auction result will be sent to you after the auction is over.
4. You will get rewards based on how many Gems you have spent on bidding during this event.




1. Choose those cards with fewer bids increase your success rate.


2. If your friends are kind enough to tell you their bids, avoid placing the same bid.
3. Place multiple bids on one card to increase your success rate.