The Basilica.

Mounted Spirinite gives troops a powerful advantage, and specific combinations of mounted Spirinite creates surprising enchantments.

1. Combination of different Spirinites creates corresponding buffs. These buffs work on AvA, DBG, Arena and in fights on the map!

2. Three low-level Spirinites can be combined to create a Spirinite that is one level higher.

3. The higher the level of Spirinite, the stronger its effect. The maximum level of the Spirinites is 10.

4. Mounted Spirinites can be freely removed at any time.

5. Once you have mounted a whole set of six Spirinites, you will get a bonus buff, the effect of which depends on the lowest level Spirinites.

6. Upgrade the Basilica to unlock more Spirinite sockets, and raise the level that your Spirinites can be leveled up to. The max. level of the Basilica is 20.

7. The different spheres for Spirinites don't have any difference. With them just more spirinites can be mounted!


Note: Spirinites can be found in Special Events, Chests, Mini Games, Wheel Games etc.

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