The moderators are active players like you, not employees of DECA. They play
on different realms and dedicate their time to help you with your questions about the game and to help us making the game better.

The moderators can collect suggestions on how to improve the game, but this is not their main activity.

They also report bugs, glitches and issues to us.

Moderator feedback is collected and evaluated by the developer team, which will apply fixes and improvements as soon as possible.However, moderators do not have any access to other player's accounts or player-specific information (beyond the info the game officially provides).

Do you want to change the email of your account or move your city from an old realm and need to know which information to provide to the DECA support team? These are questions a mod often can answer.

Is the translation of an item incorrect, a chest hard to see due to Visual errors or do you encounter any other game glitch? Forward the information to the moderators so they can inform DECA about it.

The moderators are the players voice towards DECA. But They do not decide things or have insight in customer service tickets or business plans.

They also know the terms of service and can, for example, inform a player about what an inappropriate behavour is - but cannot issue a warning or ban a player in the game. This is also handled by by DECA's staff only.


Note: Please be reminded that the mods are players just like you. Do not blame or yell at them because of something that happened in the game. As they are volunteers they are free to refuse talking to you, if you are unfriendly towards them.

We're here to assist you! Submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.