Carmot Mining Guide.

What is Carmot?

Carmot is a new resource which is essential for upgrading buildings to level *12 and higher, and will eventually be needed to train T7 troops in the future. It is stored in your city just like gold, food, wood, stone and ore. It can be transported, but takes 100x as much space (so 25k Carmot counts as 2.5m Carmot in transit). Currently, you can transport Carmot between your own cities with no limit, but there is a daily limit of 100k that any player can receive from raids and transports combined.


How do I get Carmot?

First step – upgrade your castle to *12. This only takes regular resources. You can only mine, steal or transport Carmot from a city with a Level *12 castle or higher.

No matter what your upkeep is, this single upgrade can be done with only a little food (20-40m), so no Fleeting Feast is required to elevate your castles.


Carmot Mines

Carmot mines are located in the center section of the map, between coordinates 251, 251 and 550, 550. Currently, there are 4 levels of mines. The higher levels are closer to the center of the map (400, 400).


Tap on a mine to see if it is full or not.

Level 1 – 6,000

Level 2 – 9,000

Level 3 – 15,000

Level 4 – 25,000


If it has enough Carmot to be worth your time, send a patrol.


Please note: Carmot mines may move around in between mining sessions, they do not stay put at a specific location.


Mining for Carmot

Tap on the target mine, then tap Mine. The system prompts you to select a knight and troops to send on patrol. The system automatically selects the number of troops you need to carry back the quantity of Carmot in the target mine. It defaults to the highest tier in that city, though, so you may wish to cancel the preselected troops and select a lower tier instead. Just make sure that you send enough troops to carry home the amount of Carmot available in the mine.


You can only send 1 patrol at a time from each city.


Once the patrol reaches the mine, it will stay there until:

  1. The patrol empties the mine, in which case your troops will automatically return to your City with their collected Carmot; OR
  2. you recall the patrol, in which case your troops will return with the Carmot collected so far; OR
  3. someone successfully attacks the mine and takes it from you.


The march tab at the bottom of your screen should count down the time left to empty the mine. You may need to refresh after the patrol reaches the mine to see the timer.


If you mine all the way until the Carmot in that mine is emptied, you have a chance of winning an additional prize of resources and/or hourglasses, which increase in value as the level of the mine increases.


How long does it take?

All mines provide 1 carmot per second, regardless of the level of the mine, the level of the knight sent on patrol, or the tier of the troops sent with him.


The patrol cannot be sped for instantaneous arrival, but there are speeds available for purchase which reduce the time of the march. The mining time cannot be sped, but you can recall the patrol if needed, and it will return with the quantity of Carmot you had mined so far.


How much Carmot can I get a day?

The only limit on how much you can mine is time. The practical maximum is approximately 430k Carmot per day if you mine from all 5 cities all day long.


Currently, there is a 100k daily limit -which is reset at 09:00 AM (UTC)- for Carmot received through transports from teammates and through raids on other players to steal their Carmot.


What Buildings can I elevate?

Currently you can elevate Castle, Wall, Blacksmith, Rally Point, Storehouse, Cottages and Resource Fields.


Do I need anything besides Carmot to elevate?

Yes, you need food, wood, stone, and ore in addition to Carmot. Starting at level *14, you also need Arcane Crystals.


How do I protect the Carmot I mine or steal?

Storehouses protect Carmot beginning at level *12. The 100k daily limit for Carmot received through raids or transports means that you cannot effectively bank the Carmot you mine with another player. The best way to protect Carmot currently is to have at least one city set to defend, and store all your Carmot there.


Can someone attack a mine when I am mining it?

Yes, your mine can be attacked – even if your account is doved! Even the attack is successful, your patrol will return home and the attacker will begin mining in your spot. You can bring back the Carmot that has now been collected after being defeated. If the attack does not win the mine but does kill your troops, the mining will continue but you will not receive any Carmot at the end because you have no troops to carry it home. In this case, it is best to recall the patrol and send a new one with troops.  If the Cave is occupied by another Alliance Member, your Patrol will return back to your City.


Why can I see a visible line from the mine to my city?

You will notice a traceable line at the end of your mining duration following your troops return back to your city with the mined Carmot. This is an exciting new feature because all players will see this line so you can time to attack the city to steal their newly mined Carmot.


How much Carmot can be stolen?

There is no limit on how much Carmot can be stolen from a player, but each player can only take 100k per day from all other players combined.


Does Carmot appear in scout reports?



Does Carmot appear in any reports?

Yes, Carmot appears in attack reports if any was stolen, and in the mining reports that show you what you collected. Please note: if you look at a report while you are in a city that does not yet have its castle elevated to *12+, then Carmot will not be visible on the report, even if some was taken/transported.


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