Feature: World Boss.

1. A Zyrvorthian battle will run at a varying time depending on server, every day. You have 5 minutes to prepare. Then, 15 minutes to attack him as much as you can.

2. Tapping the “Increase” button means your attack buff can increase by 5%, 10%, 15%, 20% at random. Buff is at max when it reaches a 50% increase. After this you can no longer purchase increases.

3. The buff increase only applies for the current event.

4. Zyrvorthian’s level will change based on the performance of players in previous battles. If Zyrvorthian been triumphant twice in row, his level will drop until he reaches Lv.1. If Zyrvorthian is defeated quickly, his level will upgrade faster. Zyrvorthian’s level only affects his life value.

5. The player who delivers the final blow will receive the Final Blow Reward.

6. Zyrvorthian unleashes Rage at the end of every battle which causes 0.1% additional damage to all troops.

7. Ranged troops are recommended for use during much of the battle, however a variety of melee troops are handy against Zyrvorthian’s super attack.

8. Rewards are based on Zyrvorthian’s level, the higher his level, the richer the rewards.

9. While attacking the World Boss you can lose troops. So be prepared when you attack him.

10. When you attack Zyrvorthian, you will loose 1% of each type of troops in your attack.

11. The injured premium troops can be healed with some rubies as long as you keep the battle report. The injured troops can be healed in your healing pool.

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