Event: Dragon Domination.

What is the Dragon Domination (AvA)?
AvA is a game mode where alliances of different realms have the opportunity to fight each other to defend their alliance and gain great rewards.

How does it work?
It is composed of 7 rounds of 2h each. Alliance members who compete must capture and defend as many places as possible to score points.

What do I need to do to participate?
First, you must be part of an alliance and enroll it for the round of the day. This can be done during the enlist phase that lasts 1 hour, by clicking on the icon at the top left of your city (above the calendar).

Once the countdown of the enlist phase is over, how do I enter the AvA map?
Go to the AvA menu and click on "Battle". You will be teleported to the map of the Dragon Domination and join the members of your alliance.

What are buffs?
These are bonuses brought by conquered places and various items that you can win during the Dragon Domination. You will find them in the inventory once you’re in battle mode.

What are the different bonuses that different places bring to my alliance?
Besides points that are counted per second, they bring an attack, defense, life and speed bonus to the armies of your alliance.
How many points gives each place?
The Stables, Arsenals, Oasis, Lodges each yield 1 point per second of capture. The Little Wonders, 10 points and the Great Wonder, 50 points.

Why are some troops missing in my army?
This is due to a fixed limit per category: Gold (Normal: 1000000 DA:200000 max for each troop), Silver (Normal: 200000 DA: 100000 max for each troop), Bronze ( Normal=DA 50000 max for each troop).

What happens if I assign new troops?
You will be able to use them as additional troops during AvA but the lost troops will be deducted from the army of your city.

How do I change category?
You must achieve a certain rank in your category: Bronze: rank 10 higher to Silver, Silver: 10 higher to Gold.

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