Event: How do the Wheel Events work?.

What are wheels in the game?
The Wheels are a core functionality within the game. As of the moment there are the following wheels: Arianna, Bardr, Terrwyn, Enevald, and Turfan, which you can operate by using the token of the same name.

What prizes can I get?
Each wheel has two groups of prizes with 3 different prize chests (Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinium) and a key field.
There are 5 keys needed for a Grand prize

Why did I receive a different chest from the wheel?

At times, you may experience a display issue when the wheel stops spinning.
Our Game Team has confirmed that the wheel is working as intended. This is merely a display issue related to latency between your device and the servers.
When you spin the wheel on your device, you are also spinning it in our servers. Due to lag, your spin may be slower on your device. When the device information synchronizes with the server again, the data updates and your spin lands on the final reward.

What about the drop rate?
It is important to underline that the drop rate does not depend on how much you have spent. Drop rates will not increase the more chests you open; they are applied individually to every chest and spin.
For example, if you spin the wheel 10 times, your rewards will be calculated individually per spin, regardless of the items that you have received before. You may receive one of the top prizes, or get none of them, or get them twice in a row. You may also spin the wheel only once and get the top prize immediately.
While the drop rate does not increase the more times you try, the chance of getting something better does, because you get to try more times. It's the rule of probability.

What about other wheels in the Sage's Tower?
They are particular wheels that Gaea launches within the Sage's Tower on special occasions.

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