Classes and their strategic use is important during Empire Wars if you wish to command the Underworld!


Enforcer: Enforcers are well suited for defensive tactics and make great defenders in Empire Wars. They get a health bonus in Empire Wars over the other classes. Players choosing the Enforcer class generally have lower attack stats, and higher defense and health stats. While they may be weak when attacking players, they make good use attacking buildings instead. Weapon Focus: All


Heavy Weapons: Heavy Weapons players do significant bonus damage to buildings in Empire Wars. Their main focus should be to take down enemy buildings. However, they also have the ability to deal Area of Effect damage, making them a viable choice in hitting players in a full row. Weapon Focus: Heavy Weapons


Assassin: Assassins make up a sneaky class that is capable of attacking an extra enemy building located at the rear entrance. They are opportunists who excel at hitting players who are asleep. They deal great damage, especially to enemies on offensive positions. The downside is that they are comparatively vulnerable to attacks. Weapon Focus: Melee


Sniper: Snipers are the scouts of the empire. With upgraded scopes, they have the ability to hit players in the second and third row of buildings regardless if the adjacent building has been taken down or not. They are well suited at hitting players and dealing critical damage to them. Since they are long range specialists, enemies have trouble hitting them and sometimes end up missing their shots. Weapon Focus: Rifles


Titan: Titans make the best defenders for your empire. They are able to soak up the most damage, and have skills that can generate armor for themselves. On the offensive side, they are still an important asset as they can stun groups of enemies, leaving them exposed for allies to take advantage of.


Terminator: Terminators love to light things up in flames. They specialize in applying a sticky napalm which burns their enemies for hours.. if they can somehow survive that long. Along with that, they enjoy blowing buildings up, and causing massive area damage.


Reaper: Reapers bring fear to those that see them, for they are often the last thing their opponents see alive. They are able to spread deadly plagues, which devastates the masses. 


Ghost: Ghosts are the most precise shooters in the world. They focus on high and consistent damage. When they are in their zone, they have a high chance of landing critical hits, but they are also more susceptible to incoming damage in that state. 


New Classes: The release of the new classes brings a new way to play the game. At first glance, these classes are similar to their original class counterparts, but their roles are actually very different and in some cases, the old classes will work together with the new ones for optimal strategy. 

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