Alliance Base.

The Alliance Base is a core feature in your Alliance, providing various benefits for all Alliance members.

How do I create an Alliance Base?

After meeting certain requirements, the Overlord can establish the Alliance Base on a special tile on the world map at the cost of an Alliance Scroll. Once finished, the Base can be accessed by any Alliance member by tapping the Base icon on the world map or the button located under Alliance Information tab.

What buildings come with the Base?

Alliance Fortress: Core Base building that determines the level cap of all other buildings in the Alliance Base.

Alliance Science Center: Here you can do Alliance researches using Alliance Fund. Alliance researches grant bonuses to all members.

Alliance Shop: Overlord and Lords can set the items to be sold in Alliance Shop in exchange for Alliance Tokens.

Alliance Storage: Stores Alliance Resources and shows Alliance donation history.

How do I get Alliance resources?

You can get Alliance resources by donating your items/resources to the Alliance. Alliance resources can be used to upgrade Alliance buildings/researches, and set items sold in the Alliance Shop (Overlord and Lords only).

How do I buy items in the Alliance Shop?

Items in the Alliance Shop cost Alliance Tokens, which are gained from donations you made to the Alliance. You can donate as long as you can afford, but there’s a daily limit on how many Tokens you can get from donations. Tap the “i” button in the Alliance Shop for more details.

Band together with your allies and build your Alliance Base now!


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