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Advanced Guild Skills & Guild Quests Follow

Advanced Guild Skills

  • Add Advanced Guild skills in version 6.3 to make yourself more powerful!
  • Advanced Guild Skills are obtainable via Skill tower – Advanced skills.
  • Advanced Guild skills are most likely an add up to the existing guild skills plus some new skills as well. 


How to learn advanced guild skills

  1. First the research needs to be done before the advanced guild skills can be learned under the “Learn skill” Panel.
  2. Researching costs Guild Materials.
  3. After research, the skills are available to learn under the “Learn skill” Panel.
  4. Learning an advanced skill costs Contribution BUT it’s NOT the contribution players get via Gold, Balens or Daru. The needed Contribution is obtainable only via GUILD CIRCUIT QUESTS!



Guild Quests

  • In Total there are 70 Quests to complete for what players will receive Contribution.
  • You will have the possibility to “Quick complete” Guild circuit quests.
  • There is only the possibility to quick complete with bound or unbound balens, and the cost is 50 balens per quest.