How do I report a player for Inappropriate behavior?.

We take the safety and happiness of our players very seriously! If you're having an issue with another player, don't hesitate to submit an Inappropriate Behavior Report. We will investigate the particular case and take the appropriate actions.

Please note that, due to privacy concerns, we cannot disclose the results of the investigation or any actions taken on another players account.

How to submit the Report
Submitting a Behavior Report is just like Submitting a Support Ticket. Click on the ""Contact Us"" tab and fill out the required field with information on the incident.

Please include as much information as possible:

  • Name of the player reported
  • Realm/Server
  • Date and Time
  • Screenshots 

Try to be specific about the case you're reporting. Cases like these are much easier to investigate when the right evidence is provided, such as screenshots of your chat or messages.

Remember that some of our games promote conflict in Player vs Players modes. Being attacked repeatedly is all within the spirit of a war game. Make sure that you have tried to contact the person who is attacking you and that you have politely asked them to stop. Most players want the game to be fun for everyone, and will stop if you ask.

We're here to assist you! Submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.