Player vs Player: Arena.

Inside the Arena you will be able to battle other players for useful rewards. To access your Arena, you must first complete the Glastonbury Map and defeat Sir Balin le Savage. Once you have unlocked this feature, go to your Main Menu, and tap on the “Arena” icon.

You will be able to choose an Arena from many available options. Select the Arena on the upper left menu, and tap on “Enter”. Be sure to check out the Event Details before you enter.

Once you have access to one of the Events, you will be able to see your Deck Rank, Health, Attack and available Arena Tickets.

Reap rewards by collecting Might when you are victorious in battle!

The Reward List will show you what you receive as you reach each milestone. Rewards are delivered to your Gift Box upon meeting each Might requirement.

You need an Arena Ticket to enter any Arena. Tickets let you fight against fellow players and earn points to reap valuable prizes!

You can select your opponent by tapping on the red button under the player description. You will see the Ticket cost and how much Might you will gain from each fight. Players are organized by level of difficulty: Challenge, Average and Easy.

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