Knight's Positions.

Inactive Knights can be assigned to City Positions, where they manage your resources and optimize your production. Each Position provides a Boost to the City, based on the Level of Experience of your Knight:

  • Steward: 1% per Level increase in Resource production.
  • Marshal: 0.5% per Level increase in Training speed, Attack and Life of City Defense.
  • Alchemist: 0.5% per Level increase in Research speed. Reduces the amount of time spent on Research.
  • Custodian: 0.5% per Level increase Attack and Life of selected Defense Troops.
  • Foreman:  0.5% per Level increase in Construction and City Defense Building speed. Reduces the amount of time spent on Construction and Defense Building.

To assign a Knight, go to your Knights’ Hall, and select the “Position” tab. Tap on “Assign” to link one of your available Knights to the Position, and “Unassign” to remove it.

Each Position will charge an amount of Gold per hour, based on the Level of the Knight assigned. Make sure that your Gold production is high enough to pay each Knight. If your Gold reaches 0, and you are unable to pay their salaries, Knights will become unassigned automatically.

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