Grail Wars Guide (Alliance vs. Alliance).

You can find a full Guide [here]. This link will take you to the forum post: “Introducing Grail Wars”.

Entering a Grail Wars Battle
Remember that you will not be able to participate of the Grail Wars Event if you have not joined an Alliance.

To enter the battle menu, tap on the Outpost next to the Castle.

Grail Wars are held on a calendar weekly basis and consist of three phases:

  • Preparation period
  • Deployment entry period
  • Battlefield combat and reward period

Preparation: During this time, recruit Alliance members, increase your Alliance level and skills, and train troops to prepare for battle. During this time, you will not be able to deploy troops.

Deployment: Alliance members who meet the might requirements are allowed to select Knights, Heroes and troops for the Battlefield. Each member can deploy a maximum of 10 marches per City and assign one Outpost Marshal to improve the Attack and Life of your troops when defending your Outpost.

The Alliance Power score influences the total pool of points an Alliance can compete for, so bringing more troops - thereby raising your alliance power - will give you an advantage.


  • Remember that the Alliance Shop will be closed once the Grail Wars have begun. During the preparation and deployment periods, the Alliance Shop will be available for purchasing items.
  • Joining and leaving Alliances as well as the removal of members will be prohibited once deployment starts and until the end of the reward period.

Combat begins shortly after the end of the deployment phase, and rewards will be distributed once the battle has ended.


  • During Grail Wars, Alliance members who have sent troops to battle will have their home cities protected from attacks. Protection can be removed by attacking other players or locations on the World Map.

How does the Grail Wars Battle work?
Once the deployment phase ends, Alliances will be matched up according to their Glory.

Points are scored by killing enemy troops from other Alliances or PVE tiles, as well conquering and holding special tiles called Wonders.

At the end of the Battle, the Alliance with the highest score wins the Grail War! All participants will obtain rewards and the Alliance will earn Glory points.


  • There are numerous Wonders spread across the map as well as one Great Wonder. Capture the Great Wonder for higher advantages.
  • Head to the War Room to view more details on individual and Alliance members owned tiles and Rally Marches.
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