Appeals Procedure.

Here at Celtic Heroes we really care about our players, and we realise that disabling an account due to breaches of in-game policies is a very severe measure, and is something we do not do lightly. With this in mind we have created an appeals procedure that players can use in order to appeal the disabling of an account.

To appeal the disabling of an account:

  • Create an appeal ticket at
  • In your ticket, state the name and World of a character on the account which has been disabled.
  • Write a SHORT summary as to why you feel your account should be enabled.

We will then examine your case, and if your appeal is successful, you will be e-mailed and informed that your account has been enabled. If your appeal has been unsuccessful, you will be e-mailed and informed that your appeal has been unsuccessful.

Some things to note:

  • Do not send any e-mails which are not appeals to the address listed above. E-mails which are not appeals against the disabling of an account will be disregarded.
  • Please send only 1 e-mail appealing the disabling of an account. Multiple e-mails regarding the same appeal will be disregarded.
  • Do not post an appeal, or anything related to an appeal, in the game forums, on the Facebook page, or via Twitter. These messages will be disregarded and may be removed without warning.
  • Do not send an in-game Support message regarding an appeal. Messages such as these will be disregarded by the Support team.
  • If you are appealing an account which has been disabled a 2nd time because of repeated breaches of in-game policies, your appeal will be disregarded, and your account will not be enabled.
We're here to assist you! Submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.