Installing Celtic Heroes App

Q) How do I find the Celtic Heroes App on Google Play or iStore?
A) Celtic Heroes can be found by searching for the key words “Celtic Heroes”, “Celtic Heroes MMO” or “3D MMO Celtic Heroes”. You may need to scroll down in the list of apps in order to find the game.

Q) Why can’t I connect to itunes store?
A) most of the time this is due to internet issues or if you are trying to access the App Store when it is being updated. You can try to fix the problem on your iPhone/iPad by following the steps here

Q) Why can’t I see the server list?
A) Celtic Heroes may have a new update, try to update the game, this should resolve this problem.

Q) What do I do if the game stalls/crashes while installing?
A) First try closing and re-launching application. Press device button to move into the background. Hold device button swipe Celtic Heroes away to close OR go to Settings -> Applications -> Celtic Heroes -> Force Close/Stop.
If this doesn’t work you may need to uninstall your app. To do this: Settings -> Applications -> Celtic Heroes -> Clear Cache -> Delete Data -> Uninstall.
If the game still continues to stall/crash then we need further information in order to help you. Please create a support ticket at with the following information:

  • Device Manufacturer
  • Device Model
  • Model Number (most important as there can be several different spec’d versions of the same device)
  • Current installed OS version

Q) What happens if my game crashes or lags when starting up the game? How can I fix this?
A) Check the graphics settings. In game menu -> Options -> Graphics tab -> check position and setting of graphics slider.
If setting is not at “Fastest” change it to “Fastest” and allow the application to close. Re-launch, attempt to get in and play. If this works you can then adjust the settings to the degree needed to play the game.
If you cannot get into play to change the graphics settings then this can be done by -> Main Menu -> Touch Sign In box -> Touch Settings (Cog icon) -> Graphics Settings.

General Account Questions

Q) How do I make an account on Celtic Heroes?
A) For IOS players, you’ll be asked to register a username and password when you first start up the game. This username and password is how you will log in and out of your account and should be kept safe and secure.
For Android players, you click on the lower left corner where it says sign in as. Here you will need to click on the cog symbol in order to register an account. Again, this username and password is how you gain access to the account and so should be kept safe and secure. Do not share your username or password with anyone.

Q) How do I register an email address to my account?
A) To register an email address, you are required to first log into your account and go to the character select screen. From here, you can click on the options menu and then register email account. Enter in your email address and your Celtic Heroes password and that email address will then be added to your account.

Q) How do I change my password?
A) To change the password of your account, you are required to first log into your account and go to the character select screen. From here, you can click on the options menu and then change password. You will need to have had an email address registered. (See above for details)

Q) I’ve forgotten my username/password! How can I get back onto my account?
A) If you have forgotten your username or/and password then you can create a support ticket at with the following details:

  • Username: (if forgotten password)
  • Character(s) Names: (list of characters on the account)
  • Creation Date: (roughly when the account was created)
  • Last log in: (last time your account was online and active)
  • Platinum purchases: (Roughly the amount you have spent on the account).

Please include as much detail as possible means that the support team can look into your claim faster and allow you to return back to playing as soon as possible.

Q) My character has been deleted! How can I get it back?
A) Please write into the support team using the in-game support feature, explaining to them what has happened. Make sure to include the character’s name and level and to make sure that your account has enough free character slots in order for them to restore your character.

Q) I dropped an important item! Can I get it back?
A) Please write into the support team using the in-game support feature, explaining to them what has happened. Please be aware that items may only be restored if they have been dropped within 1 month. Any sold items may be returned within-in 1 month if you have enough gold to cover the sale of the item.

Q) In-game support feature? What is this and how can I use it?
A) The in-game support tool is there to help players with any issues that may crop up during playing Celtic Heroes. In order to use the support tool, players must have a registered account with an email address. This feature can be accessed by the support menu and allows you to send a ticket in directly to the support team who will look into your issue.

Q) I tried to log in and it’s saying I’m disabled? How can I get my account back?
A) If your account has been disabled, you will need to go through the appeals process for the chance of having your account re-enabled. To do this you need to create an appeal ticket at with the following information:

  • Character Name: (name of disabled character)
  • World: (world character was on)
  • Reason to be re-enabled: (write a short reason as to why you should be re-enabled. Also include why you where disabled as this helps the team to see what they have to look into.

Q) How long does the appeals process take?
A) This can vary depending on the amount of appeals or the complexity of appeals that the team are looking at. On a general level, the team aim to answer all appeals by Friday of each week. If you have not heard a response within two weeks please feel free to re-send an appeal. DO NOT spam appeals. Any repeated messages will simply be ignored and may slow down the process. Please do not send appeals to support.

Platinum Issues

Q) How can I purchase platinum?
A) Platinum can be purchased using credit from Google Play store or from Apple accounts. Credit can be added to these accounts using gift cards or debit/credit cards.

Q) I recently made a platinum purchase but the amount hasn’t appeared on my account? How do I get this platinum?
A) If you encounter a Platinum issue, one of the following options should resolve the issue.
The first option is to:

  • Fully power down your device. That is, do not just lock the device or put it into sleep mode, but instead fully switch it off.
  • Turn the device back on.
  • Launch the Celtic Heroes app.

The second option is to:

  • Connect to a different WiFi network than the one you normally connect to.
  • Launch the Celtic Heroes app.

The third option is to:

  • Try running another game which has in-app purchases.
  • Re-launch Celtic Heroes.

If none of these work please send an in-game support ticket to the support team who will assist you with your problem.

We're here to assist you! Submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.