Trade and Scamming Issues.

This article provides information on in-game trades, and what to do if you feel you have been scammed in Celtic Heroes.

In Celtic Heroes, you are able to trade items and gold with other players.

This involves you opening a trade window with another player, where you can place the items and gold you wish to trade.

Before a trade can be completed both players must select the Ready box, and then confirm the trade one final time.

Certain items are No Trade, meaning that you cannot place them in the trade window. There are also several important items in the game, and if you attempt to trade these a warning will appear asking if you are certain you wish to trade these items.

All trades between players are the responsibility of the players involved, and only the players.

Please be certain that you do wish to trade with another player before completing the trade, and that you are happy with the trade.

Once a trade has been completed that trade is final.

The Support team are not able to restore any items or Gold that have been traded to another character, so please be absolutely certain when you trade with another player that you wish for the trade to occur.

Scamming is the act of gaining items or gold from another player through confusion, fraud, or the use of wrong information. That is, scamming is the use of any form of deception to gain items or gold at the expense of another player.

If you are the victim of a scam we unfortunately cannot restore any items or gold that have been lost, as all trades between players are the responsibility of the players involved, and also because traded items still exist in the game world.

There are several measures in place to help safeguard against scams, which are listed above in the description of how trades work.

Other measures you can take to prevent scams include:

  • Ensuring that when trading with another player, you know and trust the player you are trading with.
  • Not giving items to other players on the promise that you will get them back. Once traded other players are under no obligation to return your items.
  • Double checking that what you are receiving in the trade is exactly what you expect to receive. This can be done in the Trade Window before confirming the trade.
  • Do not share your account details, including your username, password, and e-mail, with any other player. Doing so is against our Terms and Conditions, and may lead to your account being banned.
  • Never give your prized items, such as weapons or armour, to anyone you do not fully trust.
  • Be careful when you ask another player to help you trade items to an alt. In a future update we will be introducing a mailbox which will allow you to mail items to other characters, including your alts, which means you will not need the help of another to transfer items between characters.

Although we cannot return traded items and gold, if you inform us via the in-game Support Tool that you may have been the victim of a scam we will investigate the individual in question, and may issue a warning to that player to return your items to you.

You can report another player for scamming by using the in-game Support Tool.

To access the Support Tool:

  • Log-in with the character who has been scammed.
  • From the Menu page (the top icon on the left-hand side of the screen), select the option which says Support.
  • Fill out the required details, including details of what items were scammed and the name of the player who you believe scammed you, and select Send. This will send your message to the Support team, who will take a look at your issue.

More information on how to access the Support Tool can be found here.

If you are found to be scamming other players of their items and gold, you will be subject to the Celtic Heroes Disciplinary Procedure.

Please ensure that you only send 1 support request per issue. You can combine information about several incidents into 1 support request, but please do not send multiple requests about the same issue. Doing so will slow down the process of dealing with your request.

We understand that you may be frustrated with your situation, but we deal with a large number of support requests every day and so it may take us several days for us to process your request. However, please be assured that we do deal with every single issue that is submitted via the in-game support tool.

For more information on some well-known scams and scam protection, please see this post by Teaweasel in the General Discussion forum.

We're here to assist you! Submit a ticket and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.