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Platinum Issues Follow

This article outlines what to do if you encounter any issues when attempting to purchase any Platinum for Celtic Heroes.

Sometimes there may be a delay when you buy Platinum from the App Store. These delays are caused by a connectivity issue between the device you are using and Apple’s iTunes server.

If you encounter a Platinum issue, one of the following options should resolve the issue.

The first option is to:

  • Fully power down your device. That is, do not just lock the device or put it into sleep mode, but instead fully switch it off.
  • Turn the device back on.
  • Launch the Celtic Heroes app.

The second option is to:

  • Connect to a different WiFi network than the one you normally connect to.
  • Launch the Celtic Heroes app.

The third option is to:

  • Try running another game which has in-app purchases.
  • Relaunch Celtic Heroes.

The fourth option, and one that should only be used as a last resort, is to:

  • Go to the Settings section of your device.
  • Select Store.
  • Tap where it says Apple ID, and select Sign Out.
  • Doing this will prevent the game from checkin the iTunes store when you log-in.

Please note, that if you select this option you will not be able to purchase any items from the App Store (such as Platinum), nor will you receive your bought Platinum until you sign back in. This option should only be used if you are unable to play the game because of a platinum issue.

Do not worry about losing the money you have spent on a Platinum purchase, as the system will not allow the purchase to be lost.

If you encounter a delay in purchasing Platinum, please note that the transaction must be completed on the device on which you made the purchase. If you log into your account using a different device this will not complete the transaction, and the Platinum will not appear. Please ensure you are using the same device when trying any of the options listed above.

If you have tried all of the above options, and you are still having issues you can send in a support request using the in-game Support Tool.

To access the Support Tool:

  • Log-in with the character with whom you wish to submit a Support request.
  • From the Menu page (the top icon on the left-hand side of the screen), select the option which says Support.
  • Fill out the required details and select Send. This will send your message to the Support team, who will take a look at your issue.
  • However, please ensure you have tried all the options listed above before contacting the Support team.

More information on how to access the Support Tool can be found here.

Please ensure that you only send 1 support request per issue. You can combine information about several Platinum issues into 1 support request, but please do not send multiple requests about the same issue. Doing so will slow down the process of dealing with your request.

We understand that you may be frustrated with your situation, but we deal with a large number of support requests every day and so it may take us several days for us to process your request.