Player Profile.


We’ve developed this guide to help you understand the Player Profile feature better! To submit a support ticket, please visit or send one from within our mobile games.


Getting Started  

Are you ready to experience a new way to customize your park? Introducing the Player Profile! A brand new feature through which you can express yourself and better connect with your friends!


The Player Profile is accessible to all users, without level restrictions, and it first appeared on August 22nd, 2022. If you don’t see the feature, you may be playing on an older version of DragonVale. Please update to the most recent version through your device's app store. The correct version for the feature is 4.27 or higher.

Signboard Portal


The Magic Portal on your very first island has magically transformed into a Signboard! This will be your main point for accessing your Player Profile, though you can do that by tapping on the golden framed icon on the top left corner too. 


And don’t worry - Visitors would still warp into your park through this portal. Also, you will still be able to customize this entire island with special elemental themes!


Change Avatar


From here you can pick your Player Avatar from the pool of dragons you have in your park. You might be familiar with this option from the Social menu, but we have made it much more convenient to access it from your Signboard portal now.


Edit Sign


From here you can further customize your Park’s Signboard. Write your nickname or a favorite word, so all your friends can see it when they visit your park! Please note that this is not your Friend ID or park name, the character limit is 10 and special characters are allowed. The usage of profanity, hate symbols, offensive signs, etc. is prohibited and will not be tolerated.


View My Profile

Tapping on this button will cause the Player Profile UI to open. There you will find your:

  • Player Avatar
  • Friend ID (and a copy button next to it)
  • Unique dragons count
  • Favorite Dragon
  • Co-op Dragon

When visiting your friends’ parks, you can see the same details for their park by tapping on the Signboard or the golden framed icon in the top left corner, as well as their activity status.


Activity status


When opening a friend’s Player Profile menu, you will notice a little dot on the left indicating their activity. This menu can be accessed by tapping on their avatar in the Friends Social tab. The dot will have a different color, depending on their current status:

  • Green - the player is currently online
  • Yellow - the player was recently online
  • Gray - the player is currently offline


Favorite Dragon

It is now possible for you to select your favorite dragon from all the ones currently available in DragonVale! Once selected it will receive a fancy green background, a golden border and a green heart icon in the appointed habitats menu. 



To select a dragon as your favorite, simply open their itemcard from the Dragonarium or the Market, and tap on the heart-shaped button on the left. 




The heart in the icon will turn green once the favorite dragon is selected.




Frequently Asked Questions


Why haven't I seen the Signboard portal in my park yet?

If you’re unable to see the Signboard portal or the Player Profile feature, you may be playing on an older version of DragonVale. Please update to the most recent version through your device's app store. The correct version for this feature is 4.27 or higher.

Please also note that the Signboard portal is only available on your very first island, where the very first tutorial in the game took place.


For how long will the Player Profile be around?

Since it is not tied to a specific event, the Player Profile feature will be available at all times, unless otherwise noted.


Are there any restrictions on what can be written on the Signboard?

Yes, there are certain restrictions and limitations to what can be written on the Signboard. Special characters are allowed, but there is a limit on the total number of symbols you can use - 10.

Note that profanity, hate symbols, offensive signs, etc. are prohibited and will not be tolerated. 


Can I move my Signboard to another island?

No, the Signboard can only be placed on your very first island.


Can I leave the Signboard text field empty?

Yes, you’re free to do so if you wish.


What Player Avatar icons are currently available?

You will have the option to choose from Baby, Adult, Egg or Other icons of the dragons you currently own in this park. The Change Avatar button uses the same logic as the Friend Icon in the Social menu, so the amount of icons you have available would depend on your personal park progress.



We appreciate you stopping by our feature FAQ for more information. If you have further questions, please visit or send one from within our mobile games.


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